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Texas License To Carry (LTC) Certification

Texas LTC Certification

For your convenience, we provide several training options for License To Carry Certification.

In-Person Texas LTC Course

Take the full 6-hour course and shooting qualification live with our instructor. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and seek clarification in real-time, and receive on-site corrections to your shooting stance and hand positions.

In our license to carry classes near Texas, please do not bring your firearm or ammunition into the classroom. However, you will need your firearm in a case or holster, 100 rounds of ammunition and safety equipment – such as ear protection and range safety glasses rated Z87 or higher – during shooting qualification.

Online LTC Course

This is a two-step process. Take the course online at your own pace from anywhere in Texas, and then meet with our instructor for the shooting qualification. This is a great option for experienced firearm owners with a busy schedule.

To take the online course, click here.

To schedule your shooting qualification, please click here to join a class, or contact us to schedule individually

LTC Refresher

This online refresher course is for those that already have a license to carry. LTC holders received a lot of new benefits and protections in the last Texas legislative session. We can also carry in more places with fewer restrictions. This course covers everything a license holder needs to know about the new laws so it’s easy for everyone to understand. If you already have a Texas License to carry, you will learn something new by taking our refresher course. Click here.

Constitutional Carry

Our online Constitutional Carry course will teach you how to responsibly carry a firearm in Texas without a license. Carry with peace of mind by learning the laws, restrictions and regulations you’ll need to follow. Click here.