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NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course

NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course

The NRA Basic Pistol Shooting course in Texas is a great way for you to learn the fundamentals from the top firearm training organization in the world! This 2-day NRA basic pistol course is intended for all individuals 21-years-old or older, regardless of previous shooting experience.

Your instructor will cover gun safety rules, proper operation of revolvers and semi-automatic pistols, ammunition knowledge and selection, pistol selection and storage, shooting fundamentals, pistol inspection and maintenance, marksmanship, and shooting range safety.

Classroom instruction of NRA basic pistol shooting class will last 6-8 hours on the first day, followed by 2-4 hours of shooting qualification the next day. Please do not bring your firearm or ammunition into the classroom. However, you will need your firearm in a case or holster, 100 rounds of ammunition and safety equipment – such as ear protection and range safety glasses rated Z87 or higher – during shooting qualification.