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Basic Armed Tactics & Skills (BATS)

Basic Armed Tactics & Skills (BATS)

Basic Armed Tactics & Skills (BATS) is a custom training course developed by the owner for American Defenders to learn to shoot and move tactically with their defense firearm utilizing replica Airsoft guns, gear, and equipment as the primary training tools.

Obviously, time on the gun range is important in maintaining accuracy and familiarity with your defense weapon.  However, it’s also obvious that you are not likely to engage imminent danger in a static position, nor against a threat that doesn’t move or shoot back.

BATS fills this gap in defense weapon proficiency by taking you away from the gun range, and into a dynamic combat training environment. With Airsoft as the training tool, you will learn how to tactically shoot and maneuver with your intended defense weapon as an extension of your body.  Training topics consist of:

  • Safety Fundamentals
  • Kits & Loadouts
  • Shooting Fundamentals
  • Force-on-Force Exercises
  • Tactical Movements
  • Run & Gun Maneuver Course


The point and purpose of this training is actually two-fold, in that it also provides a great introduction to the sport of Airsoft itself.  The age limit for this course is 10yrs old and up.  So, parents and children of age, families, and friends will learn gun safety, responsible handling, and obtain a basic knowledge of Airsoft should any wish to delve into this great hobby and community.

Tickets: $60 per single Defender. 

$50 per Defender in teams of two or more.