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About Us

  You never know if, or when, a life-threatening situation may occur as you go about your day. The chance of threat by an active shooter, entrapment by an angry mob, isolation at home without power or utilities, severe injury to a child, and other jeopardizing events often send the mind reeling with anxiety and fear due to one primary reason:  


  Fortunately, even the most basic knowledge and fundamental skills in lawfully-armed self-defense, emergency preparedness, and casualty care will enable you, as the American Defender, to preserve and save your life, and those around you. 


  Our focus is to teach, train, and coach the American Defender in the knowledge and skills necessary to decide and act in a plethora of emergencies, however common or rare. Our end-goal is that you have the confidence, mental fortitude, and independence to handle the unthinkable when it happens. 

Our three-pronged approach:

Our three-pronged approach:

* Prepare Yourself       * Protect Yourself       * Protect Others

Prepare Yourself

Protect Yourself

Protect Others

Owner / Chief Instructor

Danny Nelson served in the U.S. Army as a Tank Platoon Leader and Training Staff Officer from 2010 to 2015, with one deployment to Afghanistan (OEF13). From 2015 to present, he continues his military service in the Army Reserve as a Senior Observer Coach/Trainer. 

In recent years, he gained additional experience in the firearms industry as a Range Safety Officer, Firearms Retail associate, and Instructor for NRA and Texas LTC courses. Unsurprisingly, Danny’s hobbies are the gun range, and Airsoft Military Simulation (MilSim) events at every opportunity.

Danny, his family, and millions of fellow Texans learned a hard lesson in emergency preparation and self-sustainment during the Texas Freeze of 2021. Furthermore, the alarming amount of “gun range theatrics”, firearms mishandling, and inability to employ basic and proper self-defense with a firearm among American gun owners convinced Danny of a great need for balanced training and education in all these topics.

By providing certified, structured training available from NRA, USCCA, and Texas DPS LTC courses, along with emergency preparedness and casualty care training from the US Army, Danny endeavors to provide a fuller spectrum of self-sufficiency and sustainment training to the American Defender. Additionally, he implements Airsoft replica airguns, gear, and equipment in customized defense courses to provide more realistic tactical training outside the gun range, and within the American Defender’s budget. .